Research and Development

Our R & D department co-ordinates all design activity. All our a/c units are designed and developed using Computer Aided Design software and prototype facilities including CAD and Solidworks.

Our air conditioning units are specifically designed to meet key areas, including:

  • Australian Design Rule Testing
  • Continuous Improvement of our products and our
    Cooling capacity
  • System Performance
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Installation
  • Serviceability & Customer Satisfaction

To validate the design of our air conditioning systems, they are put through stringent testing conditions using our in-house technology and ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited outside testing facilities.

Design tests include field testing in extreme climatic conditions and the use of a climatic wind chamber which has the ability to produce temperatures of between 25C and 50C.

Individual components are also subjected to reliabilty testing and evaluated for durability in specialised testing facilities.

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